Shaida Parveen (c) 2018

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Artist Statement



Contemporary, Mixed Media & Islamic Art

International Artist - Shaida Parveen


Born in Pakistan and brought up in England, I love both of these countries.  

One is back with my roots, the other is my home. I knew from a very young age the intense passion I had for art, when a few colour pens and some blank bits of paper meant everything to me.  My constant sketching and doodling were precious moments in my childhood that I never gave up on, even in times of doubt, and never will.


I attended Art Colleges, University and other art courses to learn more and enhance my creativity, and yet today I still strive for more.  Many years of learning and experimenting have helped me to create my own unique style and identity. I can simply go on forever exploring endlessly with anything to do with art.  It's a true passion and a beautiful gift from God Almighty that I feel so blessed with.


I finished with a Graphic Design degree, as to make myself commercial with an earning. But I then realised that money did not really mean everything to me when my creative freedom was restricted with intense computer work. However I did enjoy my career as a Graphic Designer and have no regrets as it prepared me for all the things that I need to be a succesful artist.  Hence I do my own graphics, advertisng and promotional work for all my artworks.


If I couldn’t follow my heart and sole purpose in life, what was the point of me doing something just for a good income. I wanted and had to be, a true creator and create from the passion in me.

My early career days were spent travelling around the world to free my spirits and creative mind.  


This enabled me to capture all the true beauty of colours, nature, cultures and life of everything around the globe, that I could inject later on into my art work. Travelling around the world did much more than just intensify my creativity and art passion, it made me appreciate who I am, and what I have and how fortunate

I really am in life.


My goal in life as an Artist is to be the best I can, to inspire, motivate, bring out the positivity in myself and others, share my experiences and help those that are less fortunate than me in life and show gratiude and appreciation to my creator.  My projects and concepts are not about the end destination but rather a fascinating visual and creative journey.

Shaida Parveen